Caesars Slots for Android: review and games to play


Introducing Caesars Slot Machines & Games, a new mobile slots app brought to you by the developers of Slotomania. Playtika is convinced today is your lucky day to spin like a Las Vegas VIP and receive daily rewards, huge bonuses, and a 40,000 coin welcoming gift in their free slots game.

Playtika implemented over 100+ free different slot games with new machines coming out on a regular basis. As you browse the app you can see many of the updates soon to be added. Joining the Facebook fan page gets you a free sack of coins and the chance to share your progress with friends and other players.

Every player comes with their own personal vault to save coins to use to spin and level up. The game includes a global and local leaderboard to compete with the world or just your friends. Playtika tried their best to make this game more community oriented, adding a gifting system to encourage friendly interactions with players.


As soon as you start up the game, you’re greeted with a screen asking to connect to Facebook for the free 25,000 coins mentioned above. Fortunately, there’s an option for those without Facebook or the desire to connect to Facebook.

Once past this screen, I was quite fascinated and dazzled by the main menu. With soothing, psychedelic audio and visuals at the front of the screen, the atmosphere was set as relaxing, yet mysterious. Before diving into Caesars Slot Machines, I was offered 100 free spins. Of course I took it! It’s worth noting that you receive free spins everyday and the more often you return the higher the bonus.


The lineup of games in Caesars is sure to amuse, with games originating from popular titles like Pink Panther, This Is Sparta, Jungle Legend, and much, much more. As someone who tries new casino apps everyday, I have to say I was absolutely shocked by the amount of games Caesars offers. The Google Play description clearly wasn’t lying about this! Newbies, such as myself, only have access to one game at the start.

I started off with Cleopatra’s Quest. Like I said before, it’s the only game I have access to, but experience points can be gained to level up and unlock more machines.

The interface was a bit overwhelming at first, especially on the screen of my mobile device. Ignoring the first popup screen, I spin… bummer, I lost! One more time… BIG WIN! I was offered to share a winning status with Facebook friends, but I decided to skip this for now.


I headed back to the main menu before getting to greedy and noticed the option to collect “Hyper Power,” which resets every three hours and rewards you with a fair amount of coins. Having the desire to explore the app a bit more, I headed to the Challenges menu. Completing a challenge gets you coins and other rewards.

Next, I checked out the Leaderboard menu to see what the competition was like. There’s a tab for both global and friend ladders, but unfortunately the friend leaderboard is a work in progress.

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I decided I was done exploring the app and went back to a machine. Feeling risky, I put in a max bet. The results weren’t favorable, but at least I leveled up and got a nifty reward of 500 coins. If I haven’t already mentioned before, the leveling system can be progressed by playing more. The more you play, the more different types of machines you unlock.

Pink Panther unlocks at level 2. A flashback to the sensory experience I felt at the beginning of this review, I was introduced with cartoon graphics and Pink Panther theme music. As you can see, different types of machines come with different graphics and audio, which means Caesars offers a dynamic casino gaming experience on Android devices.

Caesars Slot Machines & Games is free to download and play and available right now on the Google Play store. Join hundreds of thousands of players today and compete for the #1 spot on the leaderboards.

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