Las Vegas – The Ideal Stag Spot


It goes without saying – when a man’s most nerve-wracking question is answered with a “yes,” the focus of attention shifts straight to his stag do. The groom’s party is organised, the best man is in-place – then the fun begins.

From Barcelona to Magaluf, from Ibiza to Albufeira – men choose to have their “last night of freedom” at various places across the globe. Staying in the UK for a British National seems to be a thing of the past, but why is it that Las Vegas seems to top the list of the most desirable places to head to for a stag.


You think of Vegas, you think of gambling – it’s a simple as that. With an estimated 1 slot machine for every 8 people, it’s little surprise that every stag who visits Vegas will find himself in one of the many casinos.

Before you head out, give yourself plenty of practice on some of the online casinos that are out there (Rizk the Hero Casino is a pretty good one), understand the type of slots you’re going to want to play – and then take those hard earned dollars to the real tables.

TripAdvisor is a great place to look at some of the top casinos that stag parties have recommended, of which you’ll find the 5 below have some particularly good reviews:

• Bellagio

• Venetian

• Paris Las Vegas

• Caesars Palace

• Cosmopolitan

Pool Parties

If the town comes to life at night, then just how will a stag party keep themselves entertained during the day? Pool parties are one of the most common ways of doing so.

Sites like Chilli Sauce offer some great pool party offerings, including access to 5 of the best pools and day clubs. All you need to do as a best man is ensure that the stag chills out in the pool, checks out the entertainment, and of course – make sure his cold beer is topped up at all times!

Nightlife & Bar Crawls

The nightlife in Vegas is reputed to be one of the best experiences that an 18-50-year-old male will ever experience. Having already talked about casinos as a form of evening entertainment, Vegas offers everything when it comes to nightlife.

The MGM Grand, Bellagio and Caesars Palace are just three of thousands of places to head to for an evening’s entertainment. Bellagio not just feels the part in terms of atmosphere, but it also looks the part with it’s neat Italian trim.

However, if it was down to us – the one thing to take from Vegas would be Omnia at Caesars Palace. Opened in 2015, it has proven to be one of the hottest spots in one of the world’s biggest party cities. Mirrored panels make the place look even bigger than it already is, and the world’s leading DJ’s ensure that you have a night you’ll never forget.


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