4 Ways to Test the Strength of Your Relationship This Fall


Couples that have been together long enough to experience growth and change may have good reason to believe that their unions will last a lifetime. Long-term compatibility is best measured via trial and tribulation, but it can also be tested during the hectic holiday season. If you can host Thanksgiving dinner with your future in-laws and wear couples Halloween costumes to a party hosted by your loved one’s coworkers, you might have a stronger relationship than you expected. Use these next four tests to see how durable your relationship is and determine whether you’ll have a stronger bond into the new year.

1. Turn the Temperature Down

While most couples are wanting to turn the temperature up on their relationships you can test the strength of your union by keeping the temperature in your home just a smidgen lower. Instead of turning up the space heaters, you and your significant other can put on extra sweaters and see if this relationship test helps you to adjust when making other concessions. The best part about this method is that you’ll keep your heating costs lower.

2. Take a Long Car Trip

Want to know how well you and your loved one can get along during trying times? Take a lengthy car trip this autumn to some far off destination and see if you can agree on what music to play. After a few hours have passed, you may even run out of things to talk about, which will further test your patience. Couples who can simply enjoy each other’s company without talking or being otherwise entertained are more likely to go the distance.

3. Go Shopping Together

It is likely that either you or your significant other does pretty much all the shopping in your household. To get your holiday shopping done and get the benefit of all upcoming holiday sales, you should be prepared to work as a team. Going shopping together as a couple will leave you feeling exhausted but also quite fulfilled by the end of each trip. Whether you and your loved one snag the last Christmas ham or snag a television on sale, you can grow closer as you shop as a singular unit.

4. Visit Each Other’s Relatives

Your parents may call like clockwork every Sunday evening, but visiting with them might not be your significant other’s favorite thing to do. Often, extended family members come together during the fall and winter, and bring along their mates, kids, and even pets. Whether it is your turn to spend time with your relatives or you’ve decided to take a trip to visit your significant other’s parents, just surviving the holidays will be a big test of your relationship skills.

Change things up this fall if you want to know whether your relationship is strong or if you should be calling a couples’ counselor. Just as you may look forward to taking relaxing vacations together in the summer, the fall can be a test of your faculties. Whether you pass one test or nail them all, realize that your relationship must be tested to see what should be worked on.


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