How to Stay Fit While Traveling for Business


It’s very tempting to go off the rails in terms of health and fitness while traveling. Even though traveling for business purposes is for formal reasons, it still very much feels like a holiday. Plenty of alcohol is consumed and unhealthy meals in restaurants are eaten – especially seeing as it’s usually at the expense of the business you work for. However, working holidays don’t need to be like that and there are ways to stay in shape while you’re traveling if you set your mind to it.

Find the Personal time

Finding time to exercise is usually the problem for most people when traveling for business purposes. If you’re not meeting potential clients and going out for formal meals, you’re usually in the hotel relaxing. If you want to stay fit while traveling, though, you must set time away from business so you can concentrate on yourself from a physical perspective. CEO of Premiere Program, Michael Palance, always sets aside an hour or two every day so he can help himself mentally and physically at the gym while working away from home.

Start with a Healthy Breakfast

You need to eat, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of your morning breakfast to fuel yourself throughout the day. Always start the day with a healthy breakfast and it’ll make you much more motivated when it comes to working out when the time permits. Most hotels serve a good breakfast every morning, so there’s no excuse!

Drink Loads of Water

Staying hydrated will keep you fueled throughout the day and it’ll also give you a clear mind when it comes to making business decisions. Drinking plenty of water won’t just help you stay hydrated; it’ll also keep you away from unhealthy soda drinks.

Always Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

When you’re staying in hotels, you’re always going to prefer the elevator route to your room, but you should consider taking the stairs to give your legs a good workout, especially if you don’t have time to get to the gym. Experts recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, so running up and down the stairs every day will put a massive dent in your exercise routine.

Take Advantage of the Hotel Pool

To refresh your mind and body, 30 minutes in the hotel pool could make the world of difference to your cardio effort. Have a swim before breakfast and you’ll always come home in decent shape after a long trip on business.

Complete Basic Exercises in Your Hotel Room

Simple exercise routines don’t have to be completed in the gym when your hotel room is perfectly acceptable. Put a towel on the floor and pay attention to some of these helpful routines to keep you fit without much effort at all.

Staying fit while you’re working away on business doesn’t need to take up much time or effort at all. If you’re willing to get up five minutes earlier and take the stairs instead of the elevator, you’ll find staying fit while away isn’t going to take too much time out of your normal working routine.


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