7 Tips On How To Pull Off The Perfect Event


If you want to transform your business, then think of planning a business event that’s out of town. Holding an event in an interesting location would make it much more fun for everyone.

While there are many ways of promoting your business and building your brand, from launching an online marketing campaign to spending more on traditional marketing channels like print and media broadcasting, there is something unique about events.

If you’ve been to trade shows, exhibits, and events, then you understand how wonderful they can be for networking and business building. The only way to improve on the benefits you receive as an attendee is to hold your own business event. It will instantly increase your credibility as a mover-and-shaker in your industry.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips on how to pull off the perfect out-of-state business event that mixes fun and business:

1. Make it easier to organize. Deploying automation will make it easier to coordinate everything. Use a conference app that offers a single interface to allow attendees to discover, bond, network, and contribute. It will give everyone control over how they choose to experience the event.

2. Choose the right location. Find a small town or more exotic city where there is plenty to do. Find a place where business travelers can get away from their busy city lives; explore the great outdoors; watch a movie or go to a show; try out different cuisine; venture out on a sightseeing trip; or visit museums and galleries.

3. Choose the right hotel. The best place to have an event out of town is at a hotel. A large hotel will have plenty of space to arrange the talks, booths, workshops, meeting spaces, etc. Hotels will also provide accommodations, bars, dining rooms, and a variety of amenities and recreational options. In addition, an upscale hotel is often easier to find and offers plenty of parking space.

4. Make it as easy as possible to sign up. Do everything you can to encourage people to attend. Make it easy to register, keep fees low, and make check in as smooth as possible. Be sure to have attendees check in as it will allow you to track the number of people who attend and get feedback on their experience after the event.

5. Train your staff to mingle. It’s important that you and your team take the time to mingle and talk to everyone who attends. Focus on making attendees feel welcome. Talk to them about their business and practice good listening skills. Resist the temptation to pitch your own business interests. Since you’re hosting the event, self-promotion is superfluous.

6. Improve connections. Find ways to help people to get to know each other. For instance, you could have workshops, frequent breaks, panel discussions, and even interactive games to help attendees to get to know each other better. Train your staff to keep an eye out for introverts, shy people who tend to hang out by themselves in corners. Help them integrate with groups or workshops that interest them. The more you can help people feel connected with each other, the better they will enjoy and appreciate the event.

7. Provide high value content. Attendees will think more highly of an event if they get a lot of value out of it. In order to provide value, it’s important that you do some research before the event to find out what information people want to learn or what skills they hope to acquire. By identifying the core desires of your audiences, you’ll know what speakers to invite, what booths to invite, what kind of workshops to organize, or what type of small groups to create.

Benefits of Hosting an Event

When you host your own event, you’re instantly catapulting your business into a leadership role. You’ll be perceived as a leader in your industry because you’re taking responsibility for helping other entrepreneurs or companies to connect with each other and learn how to become more successful. In addition, you’ll get far more exposure for your own business then through any other promotional vehicle. The benefits your business will experience will go far beyond the occasion itself. In fact, it may be such a hit that you may think of planning another one.


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