6 things business travelers can do for leisure


Business travel is a great way to expand your company, take your brand global and expand your horizons. However, all work and no play can make your trips stressful, tedious and if you are not careful, affect your attitude to work and clients. Taking some time out to unwind will help you feel rejuvenate and could even give you something more light hearted to talk about with colleagues and clients. Here are a few ways you can kick back between meetings, conferences, and appointments.

1. Take some time out to explore

A jam-packed schedule can find you struggling to make time to get dressed but if you can find an hour or so to see your surroundings it will help you to forget about work for a while. What you see will depend on where you are staying. If you are near a beach, why not take a stroll barefoot across it? Feeling the sand between your toes and listening to the sound of the ocean is the perfect way to relax. If you are in a city, check out the architecture or do some shopping.

2. Watch a movie

If you are too exhausted to leave your room then you can wind down by slipping on your nightclothes and watching a movie on your laptop or tablet. You don’t have to stick to flicks you have on DVD or Blue-ray. These days you can watch movies online. Free movies streaming means as long as you have a decent Wi-Fi signal you can have your choice of flicks from a range of genres.

3. Make the most of the hotel facilities

If you are staying in a nice hotel then make the most of it by enjoying the services on offer. Don’t just sit in your room on your laptop, go for a swim and sauna, get a massage, take a few minutes to enjoy the view from your window or balcony.

4. Try out the local cuisine

Food brings people together and it plays a large part in many cultures across the world. Just because you are on a business trip, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in your hotel. Have lunch or dinner at one of the local restaurants or eateries and try out their traditional drinks and desserts. If you don’t have time to research, ask the hotel staff for their recommendations. You might discover a new dish that you haven’t tried before or tried a more authentic version of meals you have had at home.

5. Go on a site seeing trip

If you have a few hours or a full day, why not go on a site seeing trip? It will give you chance to stretch your legs and discover the delights of the area you are staying in. Some places offer walking tours while others offer bus or boat tours. Choose one that suits your pace and requirements.

6. Visit the local museums or galleries

If you are a bit of a culture vulture then make the most of your business trip by checking out the local museums or galleries. Most big cities have a few cultural hotspots with interesting exhibitions. If you are stuck for ideas, search online ahead of your trip. You never know you might see something that wows you.


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