5 Jobs you may not have considered in the gambling Market!


If you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding career in a growing industry, the casino market is a smart bet. From working the casino floor to game development, the industry is a diverse one with huge opportunities for career advancement.

Thanks to the success of real-world casinos and leisure complexes coupled with the boom in online gambling, casinos are big business. In 2016, online gambling (see Casinopedia definition) was the largest gambling sector in Britain, taking in £4.5 billion. In the same year Paddy Power Betfair predicted revenues to be up 18%, while Ladbrokes Coral forecast a 20% increase. Live casino software specialists Evolution Gaming also saw profits rise by nearly three-fifths to £36.16m.

There are new online casinos springing up all over the web, while games developers are thirsty for new talent. Fledgling casinos require web developers, support staff, client managers and PR, while game studios require artists, software developers and testers.

Here are just a few careers you might not have considered in the casino market:

Potential Salary: Around 20k Per Annum
Qualifications: None

There are courses in dealing which some casinos will require, but typically the skills are picked up by individuals with an existing interest in casino gambling. Dealers are responsible for operating tables on the casino floor and must be well presented. This can be a high-pressure job, as the dealer must run the game efficiently, handle customers and distribute winnings all at the same time. Most casinos allow tips for dealers which can augment their wage, so the salary is just a starting point and dealers can go on to manage several tables, becoming a manager or ‘pit boss’.

Game Designer
Potential Salary: Up to 50k Per Annum
Qualifications: University Degree

Game designers specialize in creating new bingo, slot and table game products. The game design process often begins with a concept designer – someone with prior experience who researches and designs the overall aesthetic and concept of the game. Then, Java developers will work alongside artists to put the nuts and bolts of the game together. A starting developer can earn around 25k, but a lead developer can double that.

Potential Salary: Around 15-20k Per Annum
Qualifications: SIA

Security guards are an essential part of any bricks and mortar casino and they have a role to play at the premises of other gambling industry premises too. The job involves keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, both to protect customers and to protect the vast sums of cash and chips that flow through a casino. A security guard will need an SIA badge or similar license to do the job and the role can also involve CCTV operation and money transportation.

QA Engineer
Potential Salary: Up to 35k Per Annum
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree

Although a qualification isn’t essential to become a starting quality assurance tester, anything in statistics, coding or analysis will go a long way. The job involves testing casino software in various conditions, making detailed notes and ensuring that everything works under any given set of circumstances. The job can be repetitive but also rewarding, especially at higher levels where an engineer can develop their own testing strategies.

CRM Manager
Potential Salary: Up to 60k Per Annum
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

This role begins at a low level with simple customer management, building up to head of CRM (customer relationship management). A CRM manager may begin as a VIP customer support agent, dealing with complaints from VIPs or contacting them to offer deals and rewards. This role involves planning activities, sourcing special offers (such as holidays and free gifts) and getting to know customers.

From statisticians to bartenders and from artists to accountants, the casino industry offers a range of openings that can provide personal and professional fulfillment.


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