River Spirit Casino Implements Wellness Program As Incentive For Employees


Tulsa Muscogee Creek Nation, Oklahoma’s River Spirit Casino recently announced adding a brand new corporate program for health and wellness and implementation already started. This new program has a very clear aim: curb obesity at the workplace and promote lifestyle choices that are healthy for the employees of the casinos and for their family members. The official name of the program is incentaHEALTH.

According to NetBet Casino, incentaHealth is a very good program that offers many employee wellness benefits by combining scientific expertise with technology and trying to reduce workplace obesity while cutting associated business healthcare costs. What is interesting is that this program will be available to family members of the employee while an extra incentive program was put into place to reward when lifestyle change and weight loss goals were met.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma does not have great statistics in regards to various health indicators including healthy diet consumption and obesity. incentaHealth is something that was implemented by the casino in order to change that, according to Eric Moon, corporate programming consultant and health and wellness coach for Homes Organization.

Tulsa’s River Spirit Casino is an entertainment, gaming and dining center. As many such establishments are, the casino is offering a strong positive impact on local economy while also influencing the Tulsa community as a whole. Gaming proceedings are in part directed towards the Muscogee Nation fund, servicing programs that include education, elderly assistance and housing. At the same time, this establishment has around 1,300 employees and stands out as an important tourist attraction in the region.

Oklahoma employers have long been interested in putting together different innovative wellness programs with the focus put on getting some measurable results. This is what the new program is all about. It will incorporate a special system that is going to encourage the employees of the partnering facilities to maintain a healthy weight as time passes. That is done through the use of email and the internet in general so that a fitness guide is offered together with participant coaching. Incentives are going to be awarded every single quarter for every employee that manages to maintain healthy lifestyle.

To put it as simple as possible, the employees are going to be allowed access to a huge network of fitness professionals, health care practitioners, dietitians and much more, all at very low costs for employers, leading to helping those employees interested to have the tools and support needed to lose weight and maintain a completely healthy lifestyle.

River Spirit Casino is not the only corporation that is going to gain benefits from the program that is added. The corporate wellness program is not a new idea. There are many similar programs implemented all around the country. They have been proven to lower associated healthcare costs and even lower costs associated with prescription drugs. The employee incentives are increasing morale, productivity and promote a really positive working atmosphere. While corporations are maybe mostly interested in cutting costs, it is the employees that will reap the huge benefits.


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