Modus Operandi to Choose Polo Shirts for Yourself


The polo shirts are becoming increasingly common for men in contemporary times. In other words, Polo Shirts are becoming a staple for men’s fashion. Traditionally, they were worn by the tennis players only, but now they are getting recognized as the icon of today’s youth.

Some of you may be of the notion that it would be pricier than regular shirts. But this perception is entirely false. At CouponsMonk, you will get different coupons and discount codes which will help you to get some instant savings in your pocket while you purchase any item.

This guide would help you to demystify the secrets of choosing a Polo shirt so that you can make the correct decision while you are selecting a shirt.

Choose the Correct Collar and Neck Opening

The size of the collar is not the matter to be bothered as they are pretty similar across all the brands. Just you need to make sure which type of collar you want and ensure that you don’t purchase it too small for yourself.

1. Soft Collar:

Most of the polo shirts come with either ribbed or soft collars. There is a comfort factor involved, but the collar starts to curl up from the edge. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for the Shirt-Style collars so that the collars will stay in shape.

2. Shirt collar:

The fabric of tailored collar is same as that of the rest of the shirt. You can find a classic collar, button-down collar, and cutaway collar, whichever suits you. These shirts are not to be worn along with neckwear so choose a collar shape cautiously.

Make sure that the sleeves are not loose

Make sure that the sleeves of the shirt are neither too short nor too tight. They should come up till your mid-bicep mark. Also, it should be hugging your arm. As mentioned before, you can check for the fitting. Slide a finger in between your skin and the sleeve. If you can do so, then you are on the right track.

Also, make sure that that you don’t make the Polo Shirts with an Undershirt. Polo a casual clothing type, so when you wear an undershirt, it does not look good when someone sees it peeking through the sleeves.


The material of the Polo Shirt should be comfortable yet affordable. If you are finding the fabric which is comfortable in the scorching summer heat, then you should go for Pure Cotton Polo Shirt. If you are searching for the type of fabric that is light as well as breathable, then Linen is the must-go option.

If you are looking for the cheaper and inexpensive Polo shirts, then Jersey Knit is the perfect option. If you want to go for Polo shirts that are flexible, breathable, and with lesser weight, then you must go for Piqué Fabric.


Pricing is specifically determined by the style of the Polo shirt. There are many sizes and styles now available in the market for the shirts. So when you are looking for the products, make sure that they are reliable and durable along with no compromise in the style and performance along with a little fashion-forward look.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get some attractive Polo shirts at the price of a song!


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