Tourists from China Benefiting Africa


There has been a major increase in the number of Asian visitors to Africa. In particular Chinese nationals, they have been the biggest arrivals over the past five years. This increase in travelling is mainly because they are looking for new investment areas.

It cannot be denied that some of them would have played real money casino games at casinos like Yebo South Africa casino and won huge jackpots. And as such have lots of money to spend when on holiday. Globally, the Chinese have been identified as the country with the most extravagant tourists. Their spending of money which is considered flashy by many is actually helping alleviate economic situations in many African societies. In response to the huge number of the Chinese tourists in Africa, Africa is improving its tourism facilities to make sure that all tourists enjoy their visits. Botswana has begun to improve its facilities by rebuilding the Mombo Concession.

The rebuilding of these flagship camps in the Mombo Concession situated in the Okavango Delta in Botswana is been carried out by Wilderness Safaris. Wilderness Safaris is aiming to complete the renovations by the end of February next year. Mombo is famously known as the Place of Plenty. Those renovating it and the little Mombo Camps are excited to do so. This is because renovating Mombo Concession means more money to them. Especially with the growing number of the visitors from the East. Wilderness Safaris Chief Executive Grant Wood said they want to offer world-class service and a unique safari experience by rebuilding Mombo Concession.

News camps will be built but they will still comprise the usual appropriate and sustainable luxury amenities that are expected at leading destinations. Grant Wood said that they will still remain entrenched in a real bush camp setup. All these are efforts to improve the quality of services provided to visitors and as well as to retain the old Mombo Concession experience. Woodrow also added that the renovations are also because Mombo Concession is undoubtedly among the foremost wildlife and ecotourism destinations in the world.


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