The Gentleman’s Guide to Casino Game Etiquette


Laying down your bets and putting on a poker face are two options that are completely up to the player. One factor that often goes unsaid is the etiquette one must possess every hand they participate in. This form of behavior contains unwritten rules and policies to abide by. These standards are set to ensure an even playing field across any casino mainstay, giving everyone the same chance to cash in on their playing strategies. What qualifies as fair play and dirty play? Below we’ll dive deeper into this topic and discuss the behaviors that one should host and others that should be left locked away from the casino space.

Gambling with Stacked Odds

One difficult to track provision that online gaming sites often miss out on is those who try gambling with stacked odds. These sly individuals will partner with their buddies to ensure that they increase their chances of winning. These sites can often track IP addresses, but fail to account for phone communication and other such interactions players are exchanging during game play. This makes it less of a gamble and more of a sure thing. Thankfully these efforts have been increasing their efforts to stop these forms of scamming. The trouble that results from getting caught in these regards is painful to both the wallet and online privileges. Keep your gaming format casual and put the devices down during game play. Enjoying the game for what it’s worth makes a prominent place in the gentleman’s guide to gaming etiquette.

Using the Correct Terminology

If you find yourself deep in online gaming chat, always keep to the topic. Drawing attention to yourself or speaking in a different direction will immediately draw a red flag from other players and gaming security trackers. You want to engage in a similar fashion with other players. Save the political and religious views for your weekly brunch meeting with work colleagues. Never target another member on their gaming habits or down play their style. This is something that makes every player unique and helps even the odds. Trolling other players with similar game play styles or putting them down will put you in the red with your bank roll and will again draw attention from the wrong sources.

The environment that exists in the online space ranges to all different demographics and age levels. If you act as a gentleman would, you would be able to converse with whatever group of individuals joins you at the table. Compliment your live dealers or dealers utilizing the chat feature. These dealers are sometimes able to receive online tips, but this feature is often left off the option list. Complimenting these individuals is your way of shaking hands like they do after a sporting contest. It marks a sign of respect, some thanks for a timely session, and can translate into a virtual tip for the services provided. It takes a large chain of individuals working together to make an online gaming establishment run fluidly, so ensure you do your part to keep this train on the tracks.

Etiquette in Mobile

We are a generation of individuals that are constantly glued to our mobile devices. Many of these online establishments offer a mobile platform. These platforms instantly connect us to thousands of players via the collection of hard working servers. If you are trying to rig the system via a mobile device, erase that thought immediately. Some users see the development of a mobile application as a prime space to get ahead. These mobile applications often offer less transferable games from the online space, causing some to believe it utilizes undeveloped software. Trying to get fancy in this space will only create an identical headache to the one you received from attempting to do the same on the online space. Don’t get cute with coding tools or try to press button combinations to unlock hidden features. These features do not exist and they will only disrupt the experience for the thousands of other individuals using the service.

The mobile space also carries over the same information we presented above. Just because you are on your phone now does not mean it is time to use text lingo, shortening your phrases and creating acronyms that confuse other individuals. Operate your device in a professional fashion and present yourself to others like you would during a job interview process. Conducting yourself in such a manner goes a long way in the mobile space. It attracts good attention, such as game invites and other such encouragements.


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