The Top Casino Stocks to Keep an Eye On in 2017


For those who like to keep an eye on casino stocks and who are watching for trends in the second half of 2017, there are a few that you may want to focus on. These are ones that are drawing plenty of interest not just from those watching stocks, but from players who are looking for places to visit and new games to check out.

Whereas just a year or two ago all the attention was on the casinos in Macau, it seems the interest has now shifted to include Las Vegas once again. What Vegas is offering is stability. Sure, growth hasn’t increased, but it hasn’t decreased either, unlike in Macau. Macau is starting to post some growth, as seen in May, but it’s still relatively new.

So let’s take a look at the top Las Vegas casino stocks worth watching in 2017.

MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts has posted some rather impressive numbers. Where it is really excelling is the fact it is growing at a slow and steady pace. Sure, you won’t see massive overnight gains, but a slow and steady climb has a lot to be said for it. For those who don’t like risky stock moves, MGM Resorts is a safe bet.

What’s interesting to note is that MGM Resorts also owns a property in Macau, so if the numbers continue to rise in Macau, this will really help to increase the stock value.

Wynn Resorts

Wynn Resorts is currently being tagged as a top pick by a number of industry experts. Wynn is seeing some steady gains in growth, and there’s the fact that it just opened the new Wynn Palace in Macau. In that sense, you can cover the Las Vegas and Macau markets.

Las Vegas Sands

Just like with the other two resorts, the Las Vegas Sands also has a property in Macau. It seems that all the giants in Vegas are learning it’s best to spread out their properties and place them in the two hottest casino markets. In the month of May alone, the Las Vegas Sands was up just over 2.8%.

Don’t Forget the Online Casinos

Now that we’ve discussed the top casinos worth watching in 2017, it’s also important to note that their online counterparts are also slowly taking more of the spotlight. The most reliable ones, such as GamblingMetropolis, offer bonus deals, such as free spins and tailor-made promotions, otherwise unavailable in brick-and-mortal casinos. Online gaming offers players a chance to experience a wide variety of games with high-tech graphics, and a realistic feel.

It Seems the Giants are In Control

In taking a look at the stocks that are performing well in 2017, it looks like it’s all the Las Vegas giants are the top performers. Not only are they reporting steady and consistent numbers at home in Vegas but they are seeing increases thanks to their properties in Macau. At this point, the trend doesn’t show signs of slowing, so expect more of the same for the second half of 2017.


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