Chicks dig a guy at a party with a breathalyzer – Alcomate TS200 Review


Showing up to a party with a breathalyzer is like showing up with a cute baby. Everyone wants to touch it, hold it, experience it. They also want to put their mouth on it and blow in it, which is where the baby comparisons end. And, where the real fun begins.

The Alcomate Revo may sound like a menu item at a tapas bar, but it’s actually the most accurate personal breathalyzer on the market. And once your friends have seen it, they won’t be able to get enough.

AlcoMate portable breathalyzers are DOT Approved for Law Enforcement accuracy and cleared by US Coast Guard regulations for breathalyzers-on-board so they are legit. But also a great party accessory.

The best party game ever is taking a breathalyzer to a hang out where you know people will be getting all juiced up. You don’t break it out right away though. You wait for a couple hours. Have a few drinks. When the off-color jokes start flowing, it’s almost time.

When the girls start talking even louder than normal and commence chain-smoking, and the guys get physical and start accosting each other’s privates, it is time. Everyone will want to play a game called “Who Can Blow The Highest.” And you’ll have every person at the party lining up to blow into the breathelyzer. And you will be able to accommodate everyone’s mouth because the AlcoMate product comes with five removable mouthpieces.

The breathelyzer is light-weight and using it is easy. All you do is press the button and wait for it to say “BLOW” in the LED readout. Then, you blow into it until it clicks.

The AlcoMate Is much safer than breathalyzer apps on your smartphone, which do not undergo any testing, and aren’t approved by the DOT. While other breathalyzers lose their accuracy in about a year and require recalibration, Alcomate is the only breathalyzer that comes with a pre-calibrated sensor so users to skip this process altogether.

The Alcomate brethelyzer has brought nothing but good fortune into my life since I got it. During my first field test, I took it to a 40th birthday party celebration. And after about an hour of everyone trying to see who could blow the highest, suddenly I looked around to see everyone had switched to water.

My second field test was the laziest day of my adult life. I woke up at 8 AM and spent the full day in bed with a female friend, napping off and on. Later, we ordered a pizza, talked sports and comitted to not getting out of bed. Sometime around 2 PM, we each cracked a Bud Light and unsheathed the breathelyzer. It was one of the most rewarding days of my life. Here is a pic of me awaiting my BAC result:

Before you get behind the wheel after a booze-filled BBQ, pool party or trip to the beach, check your blood alcohol content with Alcomate Revo, the most accurate pocket-sized breathalyzer.


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