Great time to buy a sedan


Honda Accord sedan

If you’ve been considering a new sedan, you might want to start visiting showrooms soon. Automakers are starting to push significant incentives, so you may be able to get a great deal on a lease or a purchase, regardless of whether you want a luxury sedan, sport sedan or one of the more popular, high volume models.

Several trends are driving this opportunity. First, car sales in general are lagging in 2017 after peaking last year after years of steady increases. It’s not clear what’s driving this trend, but that doesn’t really matter. The car companies need to address these sales numbers, and they’ll be doing this with incentives. You’ve probably seen all the commercials with brands advertising their “biggest sales event ever!”

Apart from overall sales numbers, the product mix has been shifting radically over the past year. We heard it from Lexus executives at a recent drive event. The mix between cars and SUV/CUV sales has been shafting away from cars. This trend can be traced to lower gas prices as Americans rekindle their love of larger vehicles, but it also relates to the popularity of smaller CUVs that have become wildly popular.

The result is a glut of vehicles in the sedan category, and this bodes well for consumers looking for these types of cars. When you consider that we’re also in that time of year where companies need to start selling off the 2017 model year inventories to make room for the 2018 models, you now have the ideal buying opportunity for sedan buyers.

If you’re picky about the model or features, you may want to start visiting dealerships now to find that perfect car at a reduced price. But if you’re more flexible and looking for the ultimate bargain, you’ll probably see prices plummet even further as we get deeper into summer.

Happy hunting!


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