Get ready for plenty of Gal Gadot


“Wonder Woman” opens in theaters on June 2nd, so the promo machine has already been revving up for this big summer release. That means we’ll be seeing plenty of the film’s star, Gal Gadot, which is definitely a good thing! We’ll see if the movie lives up to the hype, but the lovely Gadot seems like a great choice for this recurring role in the DC Comics universe.

This 5’10” beauty is a former Miss Israel and also served in the Israeli army, so she seems particularly qualified for this role, even if some diehard Wonder Woman fans have complained that she isn’t curvy enough for the role. A quick review of some photos of Gal shows that she fits the part nicely, even if she doesn’t flaunt it.

Gal is very stingy when it comes to posting bikini shots on her Instagram, but here’s a great one:

I love the ocean, missing summer!! #tbt #takemeback ☀️🌊☀️

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Here’s a rare lingerie photo:

Afternoon escape. #tbt #lovemyjob

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A kiss from Gal:

She plays a badass in her role as Wonder Woman, but she definitely has a killer smile as well:

Share a smile 🙂

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Here’s Gal showing off her legs on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards:

More sexy legs:

Desert vibes✌️

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Very elegant:


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And one more sexy shot to wrap things up!


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Finally, here’s a clip of Gal discussing how fans reacted to her casting as the new Wonder Woman, having fun with the notion that she wasn’t busty enough to play the role:


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